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Jishín Karate Academy 2022
Jishín is a Full-Time Professional Karate Academy, which was established 28 years ago, in 1994. The term "Academy" literally means a place of "higher learning".

So w
ith highly experienced, high ranking & fully qualified Instructors, a purpose built Dojo (with impeccable facilities) and an ongoing expansion programme, that will take it  y e a r s  into the future, you can be assured of its longevity and its legitimacy.

All our Instructors are formally trained and hold the latest Coaching Awards and Accreditation. 
The "Style" of Karate taught, is the traditional form "Wado Ryu".

All Aspects of Karate Training are catered for within the week. 
Public Classes and Small Group Sessions are advertised and Private Tuition & Personal Training are available daily, by prior appointment.

We cater for the young and old. Our Mainstream sessions are for 5yrs Plus, with specific sessions for Children & Adults.
With a structured Syllabus & Timetable, Students can progress regularly through the ranks, attaining & improving Fitness, Confidence, Self Esteem and of course........ Self Defence!

WE are responsible for producing multiple Welsh, British, Commonwealth & International Champions, European Medallists & World Ranked Performers. 
Very few Associations could boast that, let alone a single Club. 
Many advertise locally of their Academy status, very few can legitimately offer our background, services or credentials.

As a "Family" run business, headed by;
Chief Instructor Paul Scott (7th Dan)
Instructor Robbie Scott (5th Dan)
Administrator Irene Scott (5th Dan)
Instructor Sammi Scott (4th Dan)
New Students are welcomed, whatever their background. Existing Students visiting the area, wishing to train, or those hoping to rekindle their belief in Traditional Wado Karate, by training in a new Club are also welcomed.

We do not offer incentives to join, nor do we advertise any "Free Trial" sessions. Instead, we pride ourselves in the quality of our tuition, system structure, the high standard of facilities on offer, plus the All Important "Friendly" atmosphere. The Professionalism that the Academy exudes is our yardstick and we are known locally as "The Centre of Excellence".

A warm welcome is always guaranteed at the Academy, to New Students, Returning Students or Existing Students moving from other Clubs, looking for a change! Should you require further information, please contact us;

Tel: (01792) 581500
Mobile: 07980 082044

call in personally at the Club Day or Evening.
Jishín is a Full Member of "Welsh Karate Kai", one of the most successful Karate Associations in Wales. Via the WKK, Jishín enjoys affiliation to the newest and most innovative Governing Body for Karate in Wales........

Wales Karate Federation

"The Leading Body for Karate in Wales"

If You Build It........ They Will Come


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